Mickey has developed an esteemed reputation as an Elite Athlete, Fitness Professional, Nutrition Expert, Anti-Aging Specialist and Strength & Conditioning Coach. She is a recovered anorexic and Champion Bodybuilder, having been featured in FLEX, Women’s Physique World, and Muscle Training Intensity magazines, and on ESPN. Her many prestigious titles include the Overall Women’s 1989 NPC California State Bodybuilding Champion and a 1990 NPC Women’s Nationals Middleweight Finalist.
Mickey earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and worked full-time for 17 years as a Professional Counselor at UCSB, all the while working part-time in fitness. Mickey holds 5 different certifications in the areas of group fitness, personal training, and indoor cycling. She is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA); a Certified Fitness Trainer II through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA.); a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM); a Certified SPINNING® Instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.; a Certified SCHWINN® Cycling Coach, and previously a SCHWINN® Cycling Master Trainer and Athlete for the SCHWINN® Fitness Academy. She was one of 16 instructors hand selected from around the world by SCHWINN® to help create their Indoor Cycling Program after having developed and marketed the QRUZER™ Indoor Cycling and Instructor Certification Programs for Q-Sport, LLC. Mickey is well-known for her uniquely creative and effective style of teaching & coaching, as reflected in her “RhythMICK Cycling” program that incorporates philosophies and techniques from cycling, dance, group fitness, bodybuilding, team building and personal development for a fun, intense, rhythmic, and enlightening indoor cycling “experience.”
Mickey has been teaching Group Fitness since 1983, solely teaching Indoor Cycling since 1999. She has been Personal Training since 1989, providing Continuing Education and coaching other athletes since 1990, and has been creating custom personal fitness & performance nutrition programs since 1999. Mickey is a previous Strength Coach for San Marcos High School Boys Basketball and Conditioning Coach for UCSB Men’s Basketball, where she received the 6th Man Award for her contributions toward two history-making seasons (2002, 2004).
From 1993-2011, Mickey ran the Personal Fitness & Performance Nutrition division for Body Tech Fitness Consulting, a company she Co-Founded. In 2002, after seeing the power of the BioSCAN® Program for Anti-Aging, Health Enhancement & Lifetime Monitoring, she partnered as an Independent Distributor and Business Builder with Pharmanex & Nu Skin Enterprises—the global leader in anti-aging science, skin care & nutritional supplementation. While building that business, she became well-known throughout Nu Skin as a Top Leader, Trainer, Coach and Key Presenter at Health Care Symposiums featuring the BioSCAN Program for Professionals. In 2013, she founded RhythMICK Productions, and launched RhythMICK Fitness, Nutrition & Skincare, through which she continues to live her passion and lead her mission to inspire, empower, and equip people to look, feel, perform, live and age younger & healthier…from the inside out!
Her areas of expertise include: Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition Assessment, Analysis & Coaching; Custom Programming for Fat Loss, Muscle Retention & Weight Maintenance; Optimum Health, Youth Preservation, Personal Skin Care, Athletic Performance & Mental Training, Personal Fitness Training, Strength & Conditioning, Group Fitness Instructor Training & Development, and Motivational Speaking.
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Sergei Onishenko was born and raised in a small village in the Ukraine, which was then a part of the Soviet Union. Although he spent the first month of his life in coma, he was destined for competitive greatness.
At the age of 8 he was already designing training circuits with two rusty dumbbells, a pull up bar and a rubber band. At this same age he was hand-picked by the Communist Government to enter the renowned state run sports apparatus; he participated in both Greco Roman Wrestling and Sprint Canoe for which he achieved national fame.
At age 19 he was selected to compete for the Ukraine's first American Football team and was also designated as the team's strength and conditioning coach. On this team he trained some of the nation's most elite junior athletes including world champions in wrestling and judo. 
Sports and fitness have been a part of Sergei's life since a very early age. Today he is just as passionate about training and inspiring people. Even after thirty years of experience, Sergei continues to further his knowledge of body movement, strength-conditioning, nutrition, SGT classes, high performance fitness, sport specific training and mental discipline to his thirty plus years of experience in the field of sports and fitness.

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Dr. D'Ann Lawson has been a Chiropractor for over 20 years in Santa Barbara. She believes that exercise should fit easily into your daily life and should be done with a smile, laughter, and enthusiasm. In this light she teaches group and individual classes to find out what works best for you. She understands that a good stretching program is one of the most important parts of any exercise routine. Stretching, cardio, and strength training combine to offer the most effective fitness regimen. Stretching keeps the joints and muscles open and flexible thereby allowing blood and lymph to circulate to every cell in your body to create healing.

Dr. Lawson has just completed a course in Restorative Exercise which she teaches several times a week that incorporates realignment of the body and soft tissue markers to decrease pain, swelling, and bone loss.

Dr. Lawson also teaches beginning to intermediate posture and back strengthening classes.

Dr.D'Ann Lawson


Sergei Onishenko 

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​​Over 30 Years of Promoting Power Lifting. Train Wild! You Animal!

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To complete his knowledge of personal training and nutrition, Sergei has studied for the last ten years, the mind-body connection intensively and how our emotions and thoughts impact our lives and our health.
Sergei is dedicated to seeing you achieve your life goals. Working with you, he can guide you to peak health and ultimate fitness by helping you transform your body and mind, in part by allowing you to let go of negative emotions and unleash the inner power necessary to realize your dreams. Always concerned with your well being Sergei adds enthusiasm, joy and personalized attention to each and every client.

Excel Athletica Training Program is a result driven conditioning, strengthening, and nutrition program that will guarantee that in just six weeks you will see a reduction in body fat percentage of five percent or more. If you do not reach your goal of a five percent reduction in body fat, Sergei will extend your program beyond six weeks so you can meet your goals.

The connection of mind and body is one of the most important in our lives. You know the connection is strong when you feel the harmony and balance in our health, relationships, work, and overall well-being. When your mind-body connection is off, your physical condition breaks down. This does not just affect your workout; it affects everything in our lives.

This program will help you:

- Erase the things that separate you from the present moment and true essence of life.
- Dramatically increase your physical energy and mental clarity.
- Break through your emotional addictions.
- Improve your health and achieve your best physical fitness. 
- Bring more passion into your daily life, and reprogram negative emotions.
Excel Athletica Training Program's innovative style and technique was developed and refined while working with many athletes in the former Soviet Union. Now it has been modified to benefit and meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts. The program offers sport specific training for all ages and athletic levels that will help you to dominate your opponents on the mat, field, court, or water.

Sergei's Certifications:
Personal Trainer – NASM
Personal Trainer-ISSA
Specialist in Sport Conditioning – ISSA
Specialist in Performance Nutrition - ISSA
Specialist in Weight Management - ISSA
Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning - ISSA
Youth Fitness Trainer - ISSA
DNA Activation Facilitator - DNA Perfection

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​​​​​I received the  Westside Barbell Special Strength and Conditioning Certification in 2011 and the USPA Powerlifting Coach Certification in 2014.  With over 25 years experience, my teaching methods are based on my own practical experience under the bar as well as findings by world-renowned professionals in the health, athletic, and scientific fields. 
As part of your training program, I will: 

  •     Focus on optimal technique with every movement
  •  Continually alter and update your training program
  • Track personal records of all movements
  •  Offer the most current, tested and effective methods available in the field
  •  Provide high definition video movement analysis upon request
  •     Emphasize the value of gluteal strengthening and enhancement for improved performance as well as aesthetics
  •  Incorporate personalized trunk/core training based upon your individual needs/goals
  • ​ Monitor your volume with each session to avoid overtraining
  •  Upon request, provide personalized follow-up via email, texts, phone calls, or Skype depending on your preference