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"A "real" gym with light to very heavy free weights, specialty bars, deadlift platforms, power rack, squat racks, monolift, etc.  There is also a large parking lot to work yourself into a coma with the prowler. There is a generous mat warm up area with all the rolling, stretching, bodywork equipment you could ever hope for.  There are many areas outside where you can train or just relax in between sets. The equipment is kept in perfect condition (remember the owners are doctors).  The gym is always clean and well maintained." -Kim J.

4223 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93110.

Fisher Strength & Health 

​​Over 30 Years of Promoting Power Lifting. Train Wild! You Animal!

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  • Day Pass $10.00
  • Standard Membership $70.00
  • Buddy Membership $60.00 Each 
  • College Students $50.00 with valid ID
  • High School Students $35.00 with valid ID

All members are billed monthly! No Contracts!

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"This gym is the best around. I love the location... Plus you can go anytime you want. They have unique equipment that is available for all... I suggest you take a tour if your looking for a gym."  -Charles T.