About us

Founder: Dr. Kevin Fisher 

About Dr. Fisher:

"I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. I moved to south Florida at 14 years old and joined the YMCA to take up scuba diving. I would walk by the weight room everyday on my way to the pool and stand outside the weight room. I was fascinated by the intensity and methods of the athletes. One day, a massive body builder came up to me and said "You stand out there watching us train, why don't you come in and we'll show you how to train." I came up with all the excuses: too weak, too small, no knowledge, I would just slow them down. He said "look around, everyone in this room started out in the same place. Come on in and we'll show you how to train." My passion for training started that day. The dues are catching up with me now but I have not lost the desire. Creating an environment where that desire can be cultivated continues to be a goal of mine. Give us a try, we'll show you how to train." Dr. Fisher started his powerlifting path in 1975. During his career he has lifted in city, regional, state, national, and world championships. Dr. Fisher has had an extensive powerlifting journey that has spanned 40 years. He has attained titles for best competition squat in the 220lb weight class with a 733lb squat and 435lb bench press. He soon followed with a 793lb deadlift in the 242lb weight class. Dr. Fisher performed with the US National Powerlifting team in Vienna Austria where he won the World Championships in his division. As a Master Lifter he has competed in USPF, ADFPA, USPA, WABDL, AAU, NASA, APF and has been inducted into the Powerlifting Hall of Fame. At 54 years old Dr. Fisher set a new world record in his age and weight class with a 672lb Deadlift; which he then increased to 683lbs the very next year. Dr. Fisher hopes to carry a message of inspiration to powerlifters and exercise enthusiasts everywhere.

 Owner: Oswaldo Utrera